Orion Moon and Earth Selfie Video

New images continue to come from the Orion spacecraft, which was sent to the Moon with the Artemis 1 mission. In the last of these images, there is a selfie where the Earth started to disappear behind the Moon.

Sent into space with the Artemis mission launched by NASA to return to the Moon. Orion The spacecraft shares lots of photos and videos from its journey into lunar orbit. The last of these videos is almost like a like a hollywood star It contains a selfie taken.

After the launch on 16 November, Orion launched a large number of photo and video had shared. These videos are not only useful in terms of public relations, but also show that the vehicle continues its journey in a healthy way.

Smile, it attracts!

In the video dated November 22, we first see the vehicle and the lunar surface. your vehicle on solar panels The Earth is then included in the image taken with one of the small cameras. Then the camera turns onto the Orion vehicle.

The vehicle, which reached the farthest point on the other side of the Moon on November 25, also plans to break the record for the longest manned journey to the furthest point in space since NASA’s Apollo 13 mission. The one who was supposed to land on the Moon, but could not land due to a problem and circled the Moon. Apollo 13In a sense, he had this record by accident.


The Sun Was Viewed This Time ‘Looking Angry Angry’!

Orion at its current location approx. 1 more week It will pass through and on December 1 will ignite its engines for return. If there is no problem, the Orion vehicle will make its landing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California on December 11th. Using the information obtained in this 25-day mission, NASA will prepare its SLS rocket and Orion vehicle for manned missions.

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