OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock is coming

OnePlus is preparing to announce the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock, which will be made with a material called “3D microcrystalline rock”. This material, unmatched in the smartphone industry, has a production efficiency of 25 percent compared to glass. According to OnePlus’ statement, the new process includes nine different production steps and took more than a year to develop.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock on the way

According to OnePlus CEO Li Jie, the Jupiter Rock model will breathe new life into the industry. The Chinese company said that each back cover will be selected manually, giving each phone a different feel and texture. Li Jie also claimed that Jupiter Rock would push the boundaries in terms of materials and workmanship.

Earlier rumors had suggested that the Jupiter Rock version could be made of marble due to its “cold” texture. However, it turned out that OnePlus preferred 3D microcrystalline rock instead of marble.

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Technical specifications of Motorola Edge 40 and 40 Pro have emerged!

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Jupiter Rock will be a China-exclusive release for now. The new model, which will be announced on March 29, will be based on OnePlus 11 in terms of technical features and design. Device, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2It gets power from.

While there is a 16 Megapixel selfie camera positioned in the form of a dot on the front, 50 Megapixel Sony IMX890 main with OIS support, 48 Megapixel Sony IMX581 with macro vision and autofocus support and 32 Megapixel Sony IMX709 RGBW auxiliary sensors with 2x telephoto lens are located at the back. It has a triple camera setup.

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To be announced on March 29 OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock price remains unclear for now. However, considering that it will be produced in limited numbers, it may come with a label above the industry standards.

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