One more missing feature of WhatsApp Web is being completed!

Although WhatsApp has many useful features, it is difficult to balance its features between platforms. Not so well. The feature on one platform can be added to the other platform much later. WhatsApp Web, which has been used at least as much as the mobile application in recent years, has been gradually won’t search for mobile app brings features. One of the expected features has started to be distributed.

264 TL application and game has been free for a short time!

32 applications, games and icon packs with a total value of 264 Turkish Liras became free in the Google Play Store.

Privacy settings can be changed on WhatsApp Web

Although WhatsApp has been using end-to-end encryption for years, in the last year on privacy broke his trust. Maybe that’s why soon everyone using the WhatsApp Web or desktop app privacy options It will be possible to change it without the need for a phone. The feature is currently in beta and available to beta volunteers. After this process is over, everyone is expected to be able to change their privacy options on the computer.

The feature looks like this

If you cannot see this feature in the desktop application, you should first join the beta program. In this program, you will have the chance to try some of the features that will come to WhatsApp early. While we don’t know when the feature will become publicly available, we hope it won’t take too long. This simple but important feature is the beta’s In version 2.2146.5 available.

WhatsApp Web and desktop app gained more importance

In the past years, the version of WhatsApp on desktop platforms was not given much importance. You could only use the basic functions and had to make do with it. in the last year We can say that this has changed. Because now, many features have come to WhatsApp’s desktop applications. This includes audio and video calls, stickers and audio recordings.

In fact, it is said that the desktop application of WhatsApp will be available without the phone connected in the coming months. If this is true, it will be possible to have a more comfortable WhatsApp experience on the desktop.

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