On the Weinstrasse – Opel, VW is pushing off the Autobahn – Frankfurt

Landau – You are humming comfortably in your VW along the motorway in the picturesque southern Palatinate – and then comes this Opel …

On the A 65 to Ludwigshafen, a Corsa driver pushed a 58-year-old’s VW Eos off the road. Now the tin roof convertible is junk, the man in the hospital.

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On Tuesday (October 1, 2021) around 6.30 p.m., the 58-year-old was on the highway between Edenkoben and the Pfälzer Weinstrasse service area when a gray Opel Corsa overtook him. So ruthless that the man lost control of the VW.

The black convertible coupé shot off the lane, broke through a chain link fence, overturned several times, and remained on the driver’s side next to a farm road.

The alleged cause of the accident simply drove on, the trapped driver had to be cut out of the wreck by the fire brigade. The ambulance took the injured person to the hospital.

Now the search for the Opel Corsa is underway. For information on the small car, please contact the Edenkoben police; 06323-95 50.

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