Nusr-Et is accused of deleting bad reviews on Google!

His fame spread all over the world from Turkey. NusrMeat Steakhouse, the target of criticism in the UK. Because a person who dined at the London branch last month shared his account receipt on Twitter. On the receipt in question, the price of a giant Tomahwak steak 450 thousand pounds was. So about 18 thousand 225 TL worth.

Besides the high prices, the restaurant has been accused of deleting negative reviews. Here are the reactions in England…

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Nusr-Et has reacted on social media!

Luxury restaurant chain in Europe “Pure UAETurkish butcher-chef, also known as ” Nusret Gokcebelonging to Gökçe went viral on social media in 2017 with his interesting method of sprinkling salt and seasoning meat. Since then, she has reached more than 39 million followers on Instagram.

Nusr-Et restaurant reviews
The high service charge on the £37k account draws criticism from customers.

Many customers in the past month Nusr-Et London He shared the receipt at his restaurant. One customer for 16 baklavas £400, for broccoli £14 and for mashed potatoes £12 paid. £37,023.10 (approximately 467 thousand TL) after the receipt, the restaurant received a great reaction.

However Google Those who look at the reviews of the restaurant still to 4.8 stars saw what he had. On top of that, many social media users criticized the restaurant for ‘deleting Google comments’.

My London News’according to, London A series of reviews criticizing the restaurant disappeared in the first days of its opening. In addition, restaurant reviews are generally positive. At the same time, the restaurant also shows very few negative reviews on Facebook.

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