Number of New Vehicles Joining Traffic in 2021 Announced

TURKSTAT shared data on motor land vehicles registered and deregistered in 2021. The remarkable increase in new and second-hand prices of vehicles was reflected in the data as a decrease in new vehicle registrations.

As you know, the recent increase in the dollar and euro exchange rates, in addition to taxes, has increased automobile prices excessively. For this reason, both the scrap business increased and the prices requested for scrap vehicles approached the prices of new cars a few years ago. As a result, cars that can be considered as a necessity have not been more than a dream for some.

However, despite this, there was not a big decrease in new vehicle registrations. The total number of vehicles participating in traffic in 2020 was 1 million 38 thousand 905. In the first 10 months of this year, this number is It was 998 thousand 860. The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), on the other hand, shared detailed information about the vehicles that were registered and deleted before the end of the year data were obtained.

Country’s total vehicle registration data:

According to the data used by TUIK, which announced the statistics of motor land vehicles registered in October, the number of vehicles registered to traffic in the country 25 million 105 thousand 532 reached. As for the types of these vehicles, 54.3% are cars, 16.3% are pickup trucks, 14.8% are motorcycles, 8% are tractors, 3.5% are trucks, 2% are minibuses. , 0.8% bought buses and 0.3% special-purpose vehicles.

October vehicle registration data:

motor vehicle registration data

only in october 85 thousand 691 vehicle registered. As for the types of these vehicles, 50.8% are cars, 22.8% are pickup trucks, 15.4% are motorcycles, 7% are tractors, 2.9% are trucks, 0.5% are minibuses, 0.4% bought buses and 0.2% special-purpose vehicles.

Deregistration, transferred vehicle data and decrease in new registrations:

motor vehicle registration data


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In September, 92 thousand 996 vehicles were registered to traffic. this month this number It fell 7.8% to 85 thousand 691. The annual value of the same period decreased by 25.1%. As for the vehicles whose registration has been deleted from the traffic, 34 thousand 111 vehicles have been deregistered. 884 thousand 90 vehicles were transferred to their new owners.

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