North Korea announces underwater nuclear drone test

Kim Jong Un

North Korea has stepped up its missile tests in recent months.

(Photo: dpa)

Seoul North Korea says it has tested a new underwater nuclear drone. The drone is capable of generating a radioactive tsunami, the state news agency KCNA reported on Friday.

She cruised at depths of 80 to 150 meters for 59 hours before detonating in waters off North Korea’s east coast on Thursday. The drone system serves to attack in enemy waters and destroy important ports.

The test took place in the presence of President Kim Jong-un and was carried out at the same time as a South Korean-US naval exercise.

North Korea accuses the two countries of endangering the situation on the Korean peninsula and preparing an invasion of North Korea.

South Korea and the US have denied the allegations, calling the North Korean missile tests destabilizing and a violation of UN sanctions. The allies completed their 11-day Freedom Shield 23 maneuver on Thursday, but are currently continuing some field exercises.

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