Nokia’s KaiOS Supported New Phone Coming to Europe

Nokia, one of the most popular phone brands before the era of touch screen smartphones, is preparing to launch its new KaiOS supported phone, the Nokia N139DL. The phone, which also received the GCF certificate, is expected to be released to the European market in the near future.

It looks like Nokia Mobile is planning to release the next KaiOS smartphone. Nokia N139DL previously appeared on the official Wifi certificate website and the phone KaiOs 3.0 With , we learned that it will support 4G networks and 2.4GHz wireless networks.

Now NokiaPowerUser, Nokia N139DL’s GCF certificate announced that it has acquired it and may soon be launched in the European market. Nokia N139DL; Nokia has five kaiOS supported phones, namely Nokia 6300 4G, Nokia 2720 Flip, Nokia 800 Tough, Nokia 8000 4G and Nokia 8110 4G. sixth It will be a KaiOS supported phone.

Nokia N139DL focuses on ease of use, not aesthetics

Developed by KaiOS Technologies, not Nokia, the system has come a long way since its launch in 2017. For those of you who are not familiar with this system, we should mention that the system recently received a RedDot award in the Interface and User Experience category. As IDC reports, Nokia has managed to launch more than 140 models so far. With a total value of more than $3.8 billion, the company’s market share in the feature phone market is 8 percent. Most people around the world may be using smartphones; but still today more than 1 billion There are people using feature phones, which means that KaiOS can maintain its place in the market for a long time.

Smartphone UI developers often focus on advanced or complex functions; but for feature phones these are not mandatory. In this sense, it can be said that KaiOS does not focus on aesthetics. The team mainly ensures that the system runs smoothly on a low-spec device and that any user has no effortlesslywants to be able to use the phone with no learning costs. Exactly for this reason, the KaiOS team is also minimalist adopts a design approach. Accordingly, users should be able to navigate easily on the phone and interact successfully with applications. Many of you might think this is pretty easy to implement on feature phones; however, this is extremely important for users who have not previously owned a mobile phone.


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As such, your interaction with the phone physical keys It’s not hard to predict what will happen. Keys are optimized for applications such as Browser to compensate for hardware limitations. The home screen is for apps. will have direct access designed in such a way. Users can navigate between applications by simply pressing certain keys.

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