Noah Syndrome Caused by Excessive Animal Ownership

Stray animals always need our attention, love and help. A bowl of water and a bowl of food are vital for them. However, some of us are so upset that we do not feel comfortable leaving these seemingly helpless animals outside.

The number of furry friends we take into our homes is very important for them to live a healthy life. If this number becomes excessive, then We would be doing them harm, not good.

Even without realizing it on the verge of a psychological disorder We might even be.

For example, a French couple had 159 cats and 7 dogs in their 80 square meter house.

In 2014, this couple, aged 52 and 68, was found in their apartment. An investigation had already been opened because they kept 13 cats and 1 dog.. However, this investigation did not deter them, and the number of animals they kept in their homes increased many times.

Of course, it made sense to feed stray animals and provide them with a warm home, but don’t you think this number is a bit high? Animals living in a very small area in this house, which the police noticed by chance. They were malnourished, covered in excrement, and contracted various diseases.

Moreover, there were dead bodies of cats and dogs inside the house.


The judge decided that the couple did not properly care for the animals and banned them from owning animals for the rest of their lives. The couple also contributes to animal rights charities. to pay a fine of 150 thousand euros decided.

“Why would anyone do such a thing?” If you continue reading in amazement, let us tell you that this is a psychological disorder. Animal hoarding disorder, also known as Noah syndromeIt is actually a very common public health problem in most countries.

For example, in the USA, approximately 2000 new cases of Noah syndrome are encountered every year.


More clearly, this disorder occurs when a large number of animals accumulate in a small environment. Failure to meet basic needs such as nutrition, hygiene and veterinary care can be defined as . These people live in complete filth and have no concern for cleanliness.

When the animals these people keep in their homes are taken away from them, they will probably start looking for ways to save more animals. This terrible cycle will begin again.

According to scientists, those with Noah syndrome suffer from many psychological disorders.


Because this hoarding behavior; obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, delusional disorders, major depressive and social anxiety It is directly related to.

On the other hand, this behavior may occur in people who suddenly lost their loved ones as a response to a traumatic event. a maladaptive coping response It may also occur as . At this point, it is vital to get psychological support.

Because we unknowingly hurt our paw friends. While you want to do good, you can do evil or even lead them to death.

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