New update beyond limits from NVIDIA!

At SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest gathering of computer graphics experts, NVIDIA discussed artificial intelligence and accelerated computing, as well as major updates to NVIDIA Omniverse, acceleration for Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD), and three new desktop workstation Island Generation GPUs.

In addition, NVIDIA is ready for content creation, gaming and education activities in the new education period with an NVIDIA Studio laptop supported by GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics. GeForce RTX 40 Series laptops deliver peak performance for any creative project.

Studio laptops accelerate dozens of applications in STEM, including engineering, architecture, computer science, and more, delivering smoother 3D design and modeling, faster AI training and simulation, and more accurate machine learning models.

RTX: Next generation

NVIDIA has released three new desktop Island Architecture GPUs: RTX 5000, RTX 4500 and RTX 4000. Each of these delivers the latest AI, graphics and real-time rendering technology to professionals worldwide.

Thanks to third-generation RT Cores, which provide up to 2x more efficiency than the previous generation, users can work with larger, higher fidelity images in real time, helping artists and designers continue the creative process.

Omniverse Expands

NVIDIA’s Omniverse Platform has received significant updates for 3D design collaboration and world simulation. These updates include Omniverse USD Composer and Omniverse Audio2Face applications. Omniverse USD Composer allows 3D users to create large-scale, OpenUSD-based scenes, while Omniverse Audio2Face now includes multi-language support and a new starter model.

Modern day Picasso

During SIGGRAPH, Shutterstock announced that they used NVIDIA Picasso to train a generative AI model that can create 360 ​​HDRI photorealistic environment maps. Autodesk also announced that it will integrate its generative AI content creation services, developed using the core models in Picasso, with its popular 30 software, Autodesk Maya.

Provides Studio driver

All these updates and more will be supported by the latest Studio Driver, including the latest version of XSplit Broadcaster 4.5, which adds AV1 live streaming support for YouTube. GeForce and NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPU users can stream directly to YouTube Live in high-quality 4K 60 frames per second. Streaming with RTX GPUs on AV1 also delivers 40% better efficiency than H.264.

Marmoset Toolbag

3D art production tool Marmoset Toolbag has released version 4.06, a free update for its users. It adds NVIDIA Omniverse compatibility by expanding support for the OpenUSD file format, meaning properties like materials, mesh, and lighting remain intact even when traveling between 3D applications. The new update also integrates NVIDIA DLSS powered by RTX acceleration, AI OptiX noise removal, and speed increases in rendering and baking.

Brew-tiful Artwork

Artist guest at NVIDIA Studio Andrew Averkin, For his work Natural Coffee, he shows how artificial intelligence plays a role in the process of creating an enjoyable cup of coffee. Averkin, NVIDIA Omniverse USD Composer app and GeForce RTX 4090 GPU He created a wonderful work of art using

Creating Content at JIFF

NVIDIA continues to work with top creative app publishers to accelerate their applications on RTX GPUs from the cloud. and accelerating content creation for influencers like NVIDIA artist James Luke (JiffyVFX). JiffyVFX delivers Japan-themed spectacular on NVIDIA Studio powered by ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Studio laptop powered by GeForce RTX 4070 GPU Doors to Realities His video went viral with 1.2 million views!

NVIDIA Studio on Tiktok

NVIDIA Studio technology also powers the most popular mobile and desktop applications, streamlining the creative workflows of both aspiring artists and creative professionals. Popular social media app TikTokAll mobile app features, including AI Green Screen, are accelerated by NVIDIA RTX GPUs in the cloud.

Other parts of TikTok creators’ workflows are also being streamlined. A popular productive AI-powered video editing application. Descript AI, It runs 50% faster on the latest NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPUs compared to T4 Tensor Core GPUs.

CapCut, one of the most popular video editing applications used by TikTok users, It enables Simultaneous Scene Encoding, a function that reduces video export times without affecting image quality. This technology compares to Apple’s M2 Ultra NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2x faster on 4080 graphics cards is performing.

TikTok user Janice K. Lee, aka Janice.Journalsteps into NVIDIA Studio to show how it uses AI to speed up the creative process and automate repetitive tasks, and showcase its latest projects. It highlights how it is brought to life by NVIDIA Canvas and the GeForce RTX 3090 GPU.

Using its RTX 3090 GPU, Blender’s Cycles accelerated workflow by turning on RTX-accelerated OptiX ray tracing in the viewport, reducing noise and improving interactivity in the viewport for fluid motion with photorealistic visuals.

To learn more about NVIDIA Studio’s featured artist and how NVIDIA RTX GPUs in the cloud power popular applications, you can visit the NVIDIA Studio blog.

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