New Tesla Model 3 Performance! Here is the price and features

Tesla, updated Introduced the 2024 Model 3 Performance and the new model comes with more powerful engines and sporty capabilities. Here are the highlights and price of the new Model 3 Performance.

New Model 3 Performance compared to the old model 22 percent higher sustained power and offers a 32 percent higher peak power level.

Dual engine system It can produce a total of 510 horsepower. The vehicle has a top speed of 262 km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds.

of the car Its range is 476 km It is stated as. With the improvements made in the exterior design, the friction coefficient has been reduced and a Cd value of 0.208 has been reached. Tesla, new chassis It offers a performance-oriented structure. The vehicle is designed to be equipped with special components that reduce weight and increase rigidity.

Among the highlights hollow damper piston rods It includes adaptive shock absorbers, multi-section stabilizer bar and ultra-high-strength steel springs. Adaptive shock absorbers, Standard, Sport and Track has three modes appears with options.

New leak about Tesla Model 3 Performance!  Here are the features

New leak about Tesla Model 3 Performance! Here are the features

Recently, a new leak about Tesla Model 3 Performance features has emerged. Here are the details…

Model 3 PerformanceIt comes with sportier bumpers, a new front splitter, a revised spoiler and an aggressive diffuser. These changes not only make the vehicle look better, but also improve aerodynamics. Teslastates that drag decreases by 5% and lift force decreases by 36%.

The interior features renewed sports seats with a deeper seating position. acoustic glasses and cabin by improving insulation quieter is being made. In addition, the carbon fiber coating and 17-speaker sound system specific to the performance model are integrated into the vehicle.

Available for order in the USA Deliveries of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance are planned to begin in May or June. of the car starting price is $52,990 It was announced as.

What do you think about the new Tesla Model 3 Performance? Does it meet the performance you expect in terms of features and design? Share your opinions and other innovations you would like to see in this model in the comments section below.

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