New Remarks from Binance CEO CZ: “We Will List Such Coins!”

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) held an unexpected Twitter Spaces Q&A event the other day.

At the event, which was attended by 23,000 people, CZ answered questions on a variety of topics, including advice on how coins can be listed on Binance, the best places in the world for crypto today, and how Binance will deal with FUD in 2023.

Changpeng Zhao Advice for Altcoins to be Listed on Binance

In response to a question about whether Binance is adjusting its listing standards based on the state of the market, CZ said it doesn’t matter whether the project is tier-1 or tier-2, or what blockchain the token is on, whether it’s a bull or bear market.

CZ noted that Binance’s approach hasn’t changed much in the five years since it first posted “Binance Listing Tips” on LinkedIn.

While the Binance team can often offer a faster turnaround time for reviews of projects on BNB Chain, the most important consideration when deciding on a listing is how many users a token has.

CZ explained it this way:

“The number one thing we look at is the number of users. If the number of users for a project or coin is high, then we believe it has a use value.

Basically, if a large number of users are using a product, then it is likely to be valuable. Also, if there are a lot of users, there is usually very good liquidity.”

CZ said that if a project doesn’t have a large number of users or is in an early stage, Binance should do a much more thorough review, including examining the product, team, and other due diligence:

“If a project already has a large number of users, then the decision to list is a simple one.”

He also praised CZ United Arab Emirates, particularly its headquarters in Dubai.

He said the UAE has “a very friendly, very smart regulatory environment, not just for crypto but for business in general.” He also talked about low taxes, security and cleanliness.

*Not investment advice.

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