New in the cinema: “Saw Spiral” (in the cinema): New start of the horror series – cinema

Actually, the extremely successful “Saw” horror series was declared over. But then, of all people, comedy star Chris Rock (56) had the idea for a new start.

Story: When a police officer is brutally murdered, Detective Banks (Rock) and newcomer Schenk (Max Minghella, 36) take over the case. The duo quickly realizes that they must be copycats of the notorious jigsaw killer who hunts corrupt cops.

“Spiral” takes over the best segments of the old films – the imaginative “kills” and the oppressive, gloomy atmosphere. To do this, he gets rid of a lot of story and character ballast in order to start a new story. It even manages to bring in a bit of joke in the form of acrid sarcasm. Samuel L. Jackson (72), who plays Banks’ father, has the best moments.

Conclusion: A suitably tough restart, which with the help of some deep black humor and well thought-out characters brings momentum to the creatively stagnant horror series.

(93 min./FSK: from 18 years)

Photo: BILD