New Features for Google Search Announced

It has been announced that many useful features will come to Google Search. These innovations aim to provide users with easy access to accurate and reliable information.

It has been announced that many new features will come to Google Search, which is the most popular search engine in the world. New features, users to access information correctly. aims to contribute.

As it is known, disinformation is a huge problem in internet environments. People may have to go through many different sites trying to determine what information they can trust. Google also says that it wants to prevent this with its innovations.

“About this result” section becomes available worldwide

Google’s feature called “About this result” it will be released for all languages ​​in the coming days stated. This feature appears on the right side of results when searched on Google. three points used through.

When this section is clicked, more information about the search is presented to the user. A description of what you see in the results, on their website or on Wikipedia, is shown to you, along with the source. So you can get more information about that site.

Also, Google You can search using the URL. he adds. When you search in this way, information about that site will appear at the top of the page, as you can see above. However, for now, the new feature for English language only Let’s add that you’re exiting

You will be able to get detailed information about the authors of the content you read.

Another feature is that the content people read learn more about the authors “About this author” feature. With this feature, which will come to the “About this result” section, which we mentioned above, users will be able to get information about the history and experiences of the names behind the things they encounter on the internet. This feature will also be available for the English language for now.

The “Perspectives” section is also added to the search

Finally, Googleperspectivesannounced that a section called ” has also been added to the search. This feature, which will be located under the “Most read news” section, is related to the topic you are looking for. expert, journalist, etc. will include people’s opinions. “Perspectives”, which is stated to be coming to both mobile and desktop, will be released for the first time soon. in the USA It will be released in English. There is no information about when it will come to other countries.


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