New Features Coming to Google Services Announced

Google announced its brand new features for users. It seems that almost every product of Google will be powered by artificial intelligence. Effective features will also come to services such as Documents and Maps.

Mobile World Congress 2024 events have started and US-based technology giant Google was one of the names taking the stage at these events. The company focused on artificial intelligence at an event it organized latest features explained. When we look at the statements made, Google’s productive artificial intelligence Gemini will be available to the end user very soon. will be more intimate looks like. Because almost every product of Google will get its share from Gemini.

Google Messages Let’s start with the application. According to Google’s announcement today, Gemini will be integrated into the Messages application as of this week. Users will be able to access the chat bot via the Messages application and start messaging immediately. For now just English The feature, which can be used as a mobile device, will be available in some markets in the first stage.

Gemini in Google Messages will look like this:

Gemini, which can be accessed from the Google Messages application, provides information about any issue the user is stuck on. to ask questions and will enable you to get the answer to this question within seconds. It is currently unknown when this effective feature will support languages ​​other than English. Unknown.


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According to the statements made by Google Android Auto It will also get a new feature supported by artificial intelligence. Google’s software used in car infotainment screens will now be able to provide summaries of incoming messages. Thanks to this feature, the driver will understand all the details of an incoming message without taking his eyes off the road. With this; Let’s say you’re going somewhere and a friend asks when you’ll get there. Artificial intelligence answers this question will automatically give.

Google’s artificial intelligence features, Maps It will also start to show itself in its application. Users will now be able to use Lens, which can work with Google Maps, more actively. For example, you want to see the working hours of a workplace. You won’t have to search. Lenswill satisfy your curiosity in seconds.

Google’s new features are not just about artificial intelligence:

Google Docs

The only announcements Google made at MWC 2024 were not about artificial intelligence. Company, Google Docs He also published a remarkable feature for . This feature will enable the application to include handwriting support. Users can read the texts they write by hand on smart pens or touch screens, can be saved in the document.

In addition to all this; A new feature prepared by Google for the Android ecosystem was also announced. This feature About Spotify. The company will now allow Spotify audio output to be adjusted with a single tap.

New Accessibility tools are coming

People who are blind or have partial vision loss can now hear AI-generated audio descriptions of images and other online content. Lookout They will be able to hear it out loud. Also on Maps to Lens With the new features to be added, they will be able to obtain information about where they point their phones. Moreover TalkBack The feature will be able to provide voice information about location, working hours, scores and directions by looking at where the camera is directed.

Health and sports experts will gather in one place

With the renewed Fitbit application, Android users can enjoy different HealthConnect They will be able to see the information from their devices together. AllTrails, Oura Ring Wearable technologies and applications such as will be able to work together. It is possible to access all collected data from a single option. Wearable technologies also help people traveling Google Wallet It will give you the opportunity to use it in different countries. In addition, information such as map information will be updated instantly depending on the region visited, providing a fluent experience.

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