New development in the Epic Games hacking case!

Recently, there have been important developments in the hacking of the Epic Games platform. Latest information shows us that the company may not have actually been hacked at all. About a week ago, a hacker group called Mogilevich announced that they had accessed 189 GB of user data by infiltrating Epic’s servers.

However, in their latest statement, the same group claimed that such an incident had never happened and that they were telling this lie to deceive real hackers. But many people are not yet satisfied with the accuracy of these claims. Here are all the details…

Shocking development in Epic Games hacking case!

Mogilevich, who started to suggest unexpected things about the case, claimed that they promised some hacker groups to sell Epic Games’ data. He said that they thought they would dissuade them from attempting to hack the company, so they made up the hacking lie.

Epic Games was shaken by the hacking incident!

While it was revealed that Mogilevich sold some data to 8 different groups, it is not yet proven that this data came from Epic Games. Epic’s official statement stating that they have not experienced any hacking incident coincides with these developments.

The Mogilevich group, which almost blackmailed Epic last week on the grounds that it had critical data such as users’ e-mails, passwords and payment information, suddenly made completely opposite statements, which was very confusing. Others claim that the group made up such a lie to avoid a large prison sentence. It looks like the facts will emerge in the coming days.

Epic Games was hacked!  Are Fortnite players in danger?

Epic Games was hacked! Are Fortnite players in danger?

Epic Games is facing a new hacking attempt. It is said that around 200 GB of data was stolen from the Fortnite developer.

So what do you think about this issue? What do you think Mogilevich is trying to do? Do you have an Epic Games membership? You can easily share your answers with us in the comments section below. Your opinions are very valuable to us.

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