New Development in Mt.Gox Incident, 138K Bitcoin Dumpa is Preparing!

bitcoin long-followed by investors and a source of great FUD MT.GOX The incident came up again.

A new e-mail was sent to the creditors of Mt.Gox by the unit managing the liquidation. The content of the mail was also published on Mt.Gox’s site.

In the content, it was explained what the creditors should do to get their receivables. Accordingly, victims were first asked to log into the system and create a creditor record.

It was stated in the mail that preparations were made for refunds.

There is no activity in Mt.Gox wallets yet. However, the expectation that the payments will start made some investors nervous.

Because these investors have not been able to access these Bitcoins for a long time, there are concerns that they will sell as soon as they buy and dump the price.

What is the Mt. Gox Incident?

hackers in 2014 850 thousand Bitcoinsdemanding bankruptcy upon stealing Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Mt.Goxafter announcing its bankruptcy, could not pay off many investors.

As a result of the lawsuits that lasted for about 8 years, 200,000 bitcoin It was found to be a forgotten wallet.

The liquidation commission appointed by the Tokyo District Court decided to distribute 150,000 BTC from Mt.Gox’s forgotten wallet to creditors who lost all their assets on the exchange.

With the finalization of the payment plan, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox’s plan to distribute 150,000 Bitcoins has reached the final stage.

No Movement Yet

According to data provided by Glassnode, Mt.Gox’s wallet contains 137,890 Bitcoins to be distributed to victims, and there is no movement from the wallet yet. There is no information on when the distribution will start in the email sent.

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