New Cryptocurrency Project Already Entered the Radar of Airdrop Hunters

Infinex, a Synthetix-based perpetual futures contracts exchange, is already on the radar of airdrop hunters.

Infinex, which has not yet been fully launched, offers services to both users of other exchanges and its own community members. “management score” It distributes points called .

Recently, many projects in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) have been implemented in order to encourage users. point distributes. These are the future aspects of that project. Possibility of mining cryptocurrency It does not go unnoticed by airdrop hunters who think it is.

However, the Infinex team stated that the points in question not suitable for trading argues. Wil Johnston, one of the founders of Infinex, “They are for management and there is no need to buy or sell them or speculate on them.” said.

Airdrop hunters still to score points started. Johnston is “It’s okay for people to come and score a few points. “It would be better if they tell this to their friends.” said.

Johnston, Infinex a decentralized protocol stating that the community will use these points in the future. make a decision to launch He said things could change if the situation arises.

Johnston, “This is community-run so I have no say in what will or won’t happen in the future.” said.

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