Netherlands Bans the Sale of Breed Animals!

The Netherlands will begin to take measures for breed animals that face health problems and live in pain.

Born by genetically modified artificial selection breed of pets It is an undeniable fact that they have serious health problems. We have previously shared with you our warnings for these animals, which were born with methods that play with the lives of living things for the sake of making money.

Today, news came from the Netherlands for a decision demanded by animal lovers all over the world. Dutch Minister for Culture, Nature and Food Quality Piet Adamannounced that they will take precautions against pets suffering from diseases for the sake of their appearance.

The display of breed animals and the possession of these animals are prohibited:

The new measures that will begin to be implemented for cats and dogs will consist of two titles in the first place.

The first prohibition will prohibit the possession of animals with harmful external characteristics. with folded ears cats and short-nosed dogswill be among these animals.

In addition, if the ownership of these animals is banned, the importation and sale of animals will also be automatically banned.

The second ban will prevent the display and display of such animals.

Citizens who currently own such animals will be exempted with the implementation of the new rules. Citizens will be able to continue to own their animals until the death of their animals.


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