Netflix Subscriber Number Announced [Güncel]

Netflix announced the current number of subscribers and how much money it earned in the last quarter of last year. The platform, which lost revenue and subscribers in the first half of 2022, seems to have left the bad days behind.

Netflix, the online series and movie platform, Regarding the last quarter of 2022 published its financial report. The figures shared by Netflix show that the revenue and subscriber loss experienced in the previous quarters that it’s over it reveals.

According to Netflix’s statement, the number of subscribers of the platform increased by 7.7 million in the last quarter. reached 230.8 million. Analysis of Netflix revealed that the increase in subscribers would be at the level of 4.5 million. Thus, expectations exceeded. This reflected positively on Netflix stocks.

Netflix earned $7.9 billion in the last 3 months

Netflix in the last quarter of 2022 $7.9 billion made money. This revenue is 1.9 percent more than the same period in 2021. But when it comes to profitability, the situation is different. Netflix’s profit is 91 percent lower than the same period of the previous year. While making a profit of 607 million dollars in the last quarter of 2021, the profit in the last quarter of 2022 is only It was $55 million.

This change in profits at Netflix resulted in some administrative changes:


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In the evaluations made on the subject, it is stated that 2022 is a shaky year, but everything is much better in 2023. it will get better expressed. In addition, the company estimated that it will generate $8.2 billion in revenue for the first quarter of this year. Finally; It should be noted that the announcement made investors satisfied. Netflix shares, which closed the day with $315.78, were in line with the statements. more than 6 percent increased.

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