Netflix Shows Content to Some Subscribers 6 Months In Advance

According to new information, Netflix receives feedback by showing some of its subscribers the content to be broadcast 6 months in advance. Thanks to this system, the company decides whether a content should be published or edited.

Netflix, the largest digital broadcasting platform, announced last week that it lost subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years. with this news Netflix stocks bottom out Significant changes were also made in the company. While many productions, including popular productions, were cancelled, adjustments were made to the internal policy of the company.

While Netflix’s loss of subscribers is attributed specifically to the quality of its content, today the company has taken (in fact) to prevent it. a new measure announced. According to the details shared by Variety, Netflix has started to test this production as a preview with some subscribers before releasing any production on the platform.

Contents are watched 6 months ago, feedback is given:

Netflix shows its series and movies to a small number of subscribers as part of this measure, which is currently only in effect in the USA. From the publication of the content to these screenings about 6 months ago After watching the content completely, the participating subscribers fill out a survey in which they reflect their thoughts about the content.

After completing this questionnaire, the company can make adjustments to the content according to the feedback given or directly edit the content. on whether to publish can make the final decision. The new shared app is expected to help Netflix raise the quality of its content again.

Netflix also confirmed the existence of the program in question after Variety’s news. The company program In effect since May 2021 explained.


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