Netflix Releases Wednesday’s Disembodied Hand Thing to the Streets!

Netflix released Thing, a disembodied hand character of the production, onto the streets of New York for the promotion of the hit series Wednesday. The eerie hand wandering around the streets led to quite entertaining images.

Created by the famous cartoonist Charles Addams in the 1930s, the Addams Family has been adapted many times over the years as TV series and plays, and has gained great popularity all over the world. Netflix recently released ‘The Addams Family’, which focuses on the adventures of Wednesday Addams’ daughters.Wednesday’ He published a series called

The series also achieved great success as soon as it came out. According to the data, the production garnered 341.2 million hours of views in its first week, surpassing the fourth season of Stranger Things to become Netflix’s most-watched English-language series. There were also some interesting characters in the production, which contained many fantastic elements. One of them is the ‘live disembodied hand’ accompanying Wednesday.Thing’ was. Netflix has now shared a very funny video about this character.

Netflix unleashes Thing on the streets of New York

Netflix shared a video from its official account. in New York He showed people that he was playing a pretty funny joke. In the footage, the Thing we saw on Wednesday was seen roaming the streets of the city and scaring people. The disembodied hand, which made it even more frightening with the stitches on it, even made people cry while making small children cry.

It is possible to say that Thing is a very important character for the series. Wednesday departs from other Addams Family adaptations by focusing more on the family’s daughters. That’s why the creepy five-fingered friend is important to Wednesday, both the story and the rather closed character. We see Thing assisting and protecting Wednesday throughout the episodes. In addition, the ability of the audience to connect with him also manages to make Thing a popular character.

So how was Thing made?

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