Netflix Investigation into ‘Homosexuality Propaganda’

Russia has opened an investigation against Netflix over homosexuality. Allegedly, the company serves homosexuality-related productions, which should have an 18+ rating, as 16+. The investigation could give Netflix Russia a headache.

The world’s most popular online series and movie platform Netflix, came face to face with the Russian government because of the content it published. Netflix, which got into a difficult situation with the action of a public institution established to protect the family, according to the claim of the organization, gay propaganda law is acting inconsistently.

According to the laws in Russia, productions and scenes related to homosexuality are not allowed to individuals under the age of 18. not showing needs. In some Netflix productions, “16 years and older“. This situation led Netflix to be considered as violating the relevant law in Russia.

Russia may ban Netflix temporarily

The complaint of the public institution in Russia, Ministry of Interior was examined by If productions featuring homosexuality are found to be against the gay propaganda law, Netflix will face heavy fines. The first of these penalties up to 1 million rubles will be fined. The real big penalty is that Netflix is ​​in Russia. may be temporarily banned. Time will tell how the investigation will be completed.


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One of the names said to be close to Netflix, serving in Russia vedomosti He gave a statement to the newspaper. In the statements made on the subject, Netflix’s according to the laws of the countries he moves, it was said that gay productions are always given an 18+ rating in Russia. But the final decision will be made by the Russian authorities.

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