Natural gas – bridging technology or climate killer?

Dusseldorf Rising gas prices and the fear that Russia will turn off the gas supply to Europe in the conflict with Ukraine: natural gas is currently playing an important role in the public debate. In politics, the energy source is seen as an interim solution – from fossil fuels to energy from the sun and wind. With 18.3 billion euros, Germany wants to put more money into the expansion of the gas network than almost any other country in Europe.

Gas-fired power plants should blow less climate-damaging CO2 into the air than coal-fired power plants, it is said again and again. But a study by the research association Scientists for Future shows that the climate balance of natural gas is sometimes significantly worse.

In the new episode of Handelsblatt Green, editor Michael Scheppe talks to two guests about these findings. For climate economist Franziska Hoffart from the University of Bochum, natural gas is not a bridge technology to the age of climate neutrality. Hanns Koenig, an energy expert at British energy consultancy Aurora Energy Research, disagrees. From his point of view, natural gas will still be necessary for many years to secure the energy supply in Germany.

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