Mysterious Post from Paribu: Is a New Fan Token Coming?

Paribu, Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, attracted attention with its “tomorrow” post on social media.

Paribu shared the “Tomorrow” visual with the note “Shh… 1,2,3” on her official social media account on September 19. His post led to thoughts that the development conveyed with the “Tomorrow” visual might be about football, as it could be a reference to a chant well-known in the football community.

Turkish stock exchanges have taken the steps they have taken in the last few months. “fan token” mainly performs. There are different steps and strategies taken by exchanges regarding fan tokens. For example Bitexen While issuing fan tokens for many different sports teams of Turkey, Bitci followed a similar path, paribu And Icrypex if only It launched a single team’s fan token. On the other hand, BtcTurk, which has been the most hesitant about fan tokens, has recently Listings of his fan tokens He joined this trend with. The name that had not taken a new step in this regard for a long time was again Paribu.

Is Beşiktaş Fan Token coming?

With the post, it became a matter of curiosity whether Paribu, whose last big step in the field of fan tokens was to launch Fenerbahçe Token, would issue a new fan token. For this token, from the big 4 Beşiktaş is the only team that does not have a fan token. came to mind.

Apart from releasing a fan token, Paribu may also announce sponsorships related to football. Apart from this, among the possibilities discussed is can list new fan tokens It was in the direction of. We will be able to learn the real reason behind the visual shared with the phrase “Tomorrow”, which is also Paribu’s slogan, in tomorrow’s world.

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