Mobile photographers here! Smartphones with the best cameras –

It is possible to say that one of the factors we pay attention to before buying a phone is its camera. In fact, some users attach so much importance to the camera that; They may consider sacrificing features such as processor, RAM and even screen. So, which are the phones with the best cameras in the industry right now? Here are the smartphones with the best cameras according to DxOMark data!

Smartphones with the best cameras – March 2024

The smartphone with the best camera performance according to DxOMark is Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ happened. The average score of the model, which received 160 points in photography, 152 points in zoom and 148 points in video, is 157. The second on the list is the product of the same brand. Huawei P60 Pro. It should be noted that the model, which has an overall score of 156, received 159 points in photography, 158 points in zoom and 147 points in video.

In third place on the list is the product that was offered to users in recent months. iPhone 15 Pro Max Emerges. The average score of the phone is 153, 142 and 158 points, respectively, and 154. Next is the iPhone 15 Pro model. Fifth on the list Google Pixel 8 Pro It is located. For the full list, go to page 2.

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