Million Dollars of Profit Sale from MATIC Whale: Made 60x in 2.5 Years!

A whale from Polygon’s early investors bought 4.5 million MATIC worth $5.2 million After 2.5 years, it sold it with a profit of 1,560%.

On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain January 28 on his official social media account. in his post, MATIC one of its early investors 1.14 dollar average price 4.5 million MATIC He said he sold it. In the post, the investor $0.02 MATIC purchases since that you continue underlined. Experts, to 60x in 2.5 years near earning sale of the investor profit making move said it could be.

Started Investing at 2 Cent Levels

According to Lookonchain’s post, the investor has invested in MATIC investments. in early 2021MATIC has not yet $0.02 It started when it was trading at levels. their first purchase Binance In December 2021, when MATIC reached its peak, the profit of the investor who made to 1,300% seen to be reached.

It Could Be a Profit Taking Move

Experts say that the sale of the investor is a profit making move He said it could be. at the beginning of January local a bottom level In the last 30 days, MATIC, which creates 50% of Experts, who stated that it gained value on the correction He said he might be waiting.

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