MicroStrategy Purchased a Large Amount of Bitcoin: Here are the Quantity and Cost Details!

MicroStrategy, which has one of the wallets holding the most Bitcoin, purchased another 5,445 BTC worth approximately $150 million.

MicroStrategy 25 September on To the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) In his declaration, between 1 August and 24 September, the average 27,053 dollarfrom $147.3 million worth 5,445 Bitcoins He stated that he bought it.

MicroStrategy shows the total amount of Bitcoin it holds, including the last purchase. to 158,245 took it out. Current situation for Bitcoins 4.68 billion dollars The company currently spending approx. 500 million The dollar is at a loss.

On the other hand, MicroStrategy with the latest update cost together also dropped it. According to the statement made up to date Bitcoin cost $29,582 happened. According to CoinGecko data, Bitcoin At $26,046 Given that MicroStrategy is per BTC approximately $2,500 is positioned at a loss.

MicroStrategy announced at the end of June that approximately 350 million dollar worth 12,333 BTC announced the purchase. This amount was recorded as the company’s largest purchase in recent times.

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