Microsoft Will Open Its Own App Store!

Microsoft will launch an app store that will rival both Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

It has made its presence felt in the mobile world with the Windows Phone operating system and its own Lumia series. Microsoft, had stopped developing both the operating system and its phones as its market share fell. While Microsoft’s presence in the mobile world has been at a very low level since then, big news came today.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft will release an app store. Moreover, the app store will be available thanks to the Digital Market Law, which will come into effect in March 2024 in the European Union. on both iPhone and Android operating systems it will include.

An app store other than the App Store on iPhones? Yes!

Phil Spencer stated that with the European Union’s Digital Market Law, the company’s mobile application store idea will be successful. The law in question will allow Apple and Google to make their operating systems more open. In this way, companies can launch their own app stores. It will even be able to bring it to iPhones.

Of course, we continue to see this situation on the Android side for years. However, until now, Apple has offered no application store other than the App Store, and even the opportunity to shop within the applications itself. wouldn’t allow it. Of course, the second part of this sentence ended with the Epic Games case. In fact, in the past few months, Microsoft’s mobile game store Turns out he was working on it.

Why does Microsoft want to open its own mobile app store?


The answer to this question is actually hidden in Microsoft’s past moves. The company has so far reached an agreement to acquire Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Zenimax Media within Bethesda, and most recently Activision Blizzard. the possibility of creating a large library had achieved.

Microsoft’s application store will also allow all new mobile games to be developed in-house to be downloaded only from its own store and to shop through this store. Thus, the company Will not pay commissions to Google and Apple and will gain great recognition in the developing mobile game world.

In addition, with its acquisition of Activision, it is already some of the most played games in the world. Call of Duty: Mobile And Candy Crush Let’s also mention that he will own all the games in the series. These games are also It is also in the top ranks among the games with in-game payment..

With this move, Microsoft will be able to offer mobile games and Microsoft applications to users without commission (probably cheaper than the Play Store and App Store). This will allow the company to make more money and allow users to pay less. So it looks like a profitable deal for both parties..

It can also be expected that this app store will include Microsoft’s games that can be played via the cloud with Xbox Cloud Gaming today. In previously revealed information, Microsoft’s for mobile devices A subscription system similar to Game Pass It was also claimed that he was working on it.


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