Microsoft Started Unplugging Windows 10

Microsoft has updated its page with critical dates for Windows 10. The update revealed the date when Windows 10 will be unplugged. So when will Microsoft cut its software support for Windows 10?

US-based technology giant Microsoft has published a page on the lifecycle page of Windows. update made. This update revealed when software support for Windows 10, released in 2015, will end. Accordingly, Windows 10,”14 October 2025It will not receive any more software and security updates after ” The day Windows 7 will dieThe date will be October 14, 2025.

According to the information on Microsoft’s website, this date is the date of Windows 10. Home, Pro, Enterprise and Educations includes versions. Also, the company is likely to work on Windows 10 as well as it did on Windows 7. corporate customers will open a different support program for However, it is not clear how this will happen. Thus, even if there is nothing left for daily users to do, it will be ensured that corporate customers continue to use Windows 10.

What awaits users after 14 October 2025?

As a matter of fact, Windows 10 is the most popular when compared to Microsoft’s other operating systems. discussed was the one. Because software updates, while eliminating some known problems, create brand new problems, this situation is not easy for the user. nervous breakdowns was passing. It seems that 2025 will be the year when all this will end. Alright After Windows 10 What awaits the user?

Microsoft announced a major event on June 24. activity will do. Within the scope of this event, it is expected to explain what will happen in the post-Windows 10 period. In addition, what the new version, which will replace Windows 10, will offer will also be revealed within the scope of this event. Let’s see what lessons Microsoft will learn from the problems experienced in Windows 10 and continue on its way.

Deadline to get Windows 10 is January 31st

In addition, in another statement made by Microsoft today, it is the last day for the sale of Windows 10 license keys. January 31, 2023 was declared. So after this date, it is no longer from Microsoft’s official site. Unable to purchase license key and again from official sites Windows 10 ISO file cannot be downloaded. But of course Windows 10 keys are from 3rd party vendors can be purchased legally.


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