Metaverse Game Giant Acquired This Web3 Platform!

Animoca Brands announced that it has acquired Web3 publishing platform Azarus with the aim of popularizing metaverse games. Azarus is pioneering Blockchain-based game streaming. The strategic move aims to integrate Azarus’ innovative technology into Animoca Brands’ portfolio. It also aims to further improve streaming capabilities in Web3 games.

Giant acquisition in the Metaverse gaming world

Animoca Brands has made a strategic move to expand its presence in the metaverse gaming world. In this regard, it announced the acquisition of Azarus, a leading Web3 publishing platform. The acquisition of a majority stake in Azarus marks Azarus’ effort to seamlessly integrate its innovative Blockchain-based game streaming technology into Animoca Brands’ comprehensive portfolio, thereby increasing its streaming capabilities in the Web3 gaming space. The company did not share detailed information about the financial details of this acquisition. However, this move demonstrates Animoca Brands’ determination to establish itself as a leading player in the rapidly growing Web3 industry.

cryptokoin.comAs you follow from , Animoca Brands has made significant investments in many Web3 gaming companies in the past. This latest initiative is in line with their broader vision of leveraging Web3 technology to develop a player-owned economy. Their overall goal is to empower creators, gamers, and publishers with the ability to maintain control over their digital property rights.

Web3 publishing, brings it to the forefront of games

Combining Azarus’ competency in Blockchain-focused game publishing with Animoca Brands’ extensive experience in digital game development and publishing, this collaboration aims to accelerate a significant transformation in gaming culture with Web3 at its core. Azarus’ technology equips gamers with the tools to unlock new revenue streams, rewarding their audiences. Thus, it establishes a dynamic digital value exchange ecosystem. This approach allows viewers to contribute directly to their favorite content creators. Thus, it makes high-quality content production possible.

Additionally, Azarus offers the unique ability to engage and reward audiences while driving measurable traffic to non-broadcast destinations including brand properties, e-commerce platforms, as well as Web2 and Web3 games. The acquisition of Azarus by Animoca Brands marks a significant turning point in their Web3 strategy. It not only strengthens their position in the metaverse gaming space, but also underlines their commitment to driving innovation in the industry.


Web3 technology meets game streaming

The integration of Azarus’ pioneering Blockchain-based game streaming technology into Animoca Brands’ arsenal represents a significant leap forward in the field of Web3 gaming. Known for its strategic investments in Web3 gaming companies, Animoca Brands recognizes the potential to leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the gaming world. Animoca Brands aims to empower creators, gamers, and publishers with a previously unattainable level of control over their digital property rights to create a gamer-owned economy. The strategic acquisition of Azarus marks an important step towards this comprehensive goal.

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