Meta’s Weird-Looking Smartwatch Design Revealed

The smart watch that Meta is working on was modeled on patent images. The concept design created suggests that Meta’s smartwatch will be very different from what we have seen so far. It seems that Meta will breathe new life into the smartwatch world.

With his name change a few months ago “MetaA new smart watch has emerged that Facebook is working on, which started to serve as “. Designers working on the patents that emerged last month, your smart watches They shed light on how it would look. To be frank, the smart watch that Meta is working on will in no way resemble the models we have seen so far.

According to the designer named Sarang Sheth, who created render images using patent images, Meta’s smartwatch is it will come with ropes not straps. This will provide users with a different experience. On the other hand; In this smart watch, we will encounter a screen of a size that we have not seen before. Moreover, on this screen to the camera will be placed. But the surprises are not limited to these. Meta’s smartwatch will also have a camera on the back.

Here is the smart watch that Meta is working on

By the way, we also see the detail that only the screen can change in Meta’s smartwatch. Because the created images indicate that the screen can be removed and cleaned or may be attached to a different cord. is showing. Such a situation was necessary to use the rear camera anyway. In addition to all these, the rope design to be used as a cord, a mobile structure Will have. Users who wish will be able to carry this smart watch on their wrists.


The technical specifications of Meta’s smartwatch are unknown. However, the patent and the design based on this patent, this smart watch video call It reveals that applications that offer the opportunity will be included. Because the front camera in a smart watch is not likely to be used for a different purpose. On the other hand; of meta to metaverse technologies Don’t forget to focus. This smart watch can also be used for features related to metaverse ecosystems in the future.



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