Meta Shut Down Galactica AI For Bullshit

The demo process of the artificial intelligence called Galactica, developed by Meta to accelerate and increase scientific studies, did not last long. Artificial intelligence has been unplugged because of its meaningful but meaningless writings and racist views.

Metalast Tuesday Galactica He published a demo of his artificial intelligence named AI. It was stated that this artificial intelligence uses a large language model developed to “store, combine and evaluate scientific information”. It seems that this artificial intelligence is not ready yet.

Users who tried the demo version, although it seems logical He stated that he made meaningless, meaningless sentences. In addition, ethical criticism has been made that artificial intelligence can be racist. Meta has also ended demo access of artificial intelligence.

The problem with artificial intelligence is not understanding what it is saying?

We’re actually not that unfamiliar with major language models called LLMs, OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI seems to work efficiently, and is even seen as a tool that students use to do their homework. These models read millions of texts and connect the words. statistically and then creates new texts. In other words, if the artificial intelligence is going to give you a hamburger recipe, even if the sauce, meatballs, bread and other ingredients it writes change, the recipe definitely includes sauce, meatballs and bread.

Meta’s artificial intelligence called Galactica, more than 48 million It contains articles, textbooks and lecture notes, scientific site content, encyclopedia. High-quality content used to feed the AI ​​is expected to yield high-quality output, according to Meta.

Contrary to the goals, texts with no scientific value appeared.


The results of the experiments are not as expected. Artificial intelligence; has a biased, authoritarian tone, but without real scientific value writes texts. Also, the references unreal may belong to authors and articles. This poses a serious problem.

Continuing with the hamburger example, when artificial intelligence gives us a recipe, it gives us a recipe that includes cake base as bread, artichoke puree as sauce, and meatballs made of rhino mince as meatballs. This recipe too the right hamburger conveys it with an intonation as if it were done like this. If references half real, half fake as it chooses.


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An ethical discussion continues on the texts that artificial intelligence can create in the coming period. artificial intelligence freely available to people defenders and those who create artificial intelligence in a way that minimizes harm. should limit artificial intelligence The defenders are divided into two camps.

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