Meta increased blue tick prices for businesses by one hundred percent!

With the paid blue tick step taken by Elon Musk on Twitter (X), many other social media platforms began to switch to similar applications. The pricing table of Meta, the social media platform that will distribute the blue tick badge through paid subscriptions, attracted attention. Here are the details

Meta recorded an almost 100 percent price increase for business accounts!

The “Meta Verified” program, which is currently used by individual users, has been specially designed for businesses and a more advantageous package has been created. Although the package created under the instructions of Mark Zuckerberg was extremely exciting for businesses, its price caused a sharp disappointment.

According to the information conveyed; The business-specific plan is almost as good as that of individual users. one hundred percent It was announced that there will be more. The pricing policy implemented by the company, which pushed businesses to purchase these packages in the background, caused many reactions to arise.

Cost of the Meta Verified program for individual users 12 dollars While for businesses, this value is $27.99 was determined as . This sharp price increase has caused the benefits of the plan to be reconsidered for businesses.

Meta distributes blue ticks abundantly!

Meta distributes blue ticks abundantly!

The paid verification badge feature, which Meta created for content creators in March, will soon be available for business accounts.

The paid blue tick subscription system brings additional advantages along with the badge on the profile. It brings with it many important innovations such as being more visible in searches and discover pages, benefiting from higher quality customer support and being protected from fraud.

On the business side, in addition to all these innovations, on the WhatsApp side multi device supportImportant advantages such as business pages featured on Google are also offered to the user experience.

So, what do you think about this pricing policy applied by Meta to business accounts? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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