Mercedes Also Releases a Paid Subscription System!

After BMW, Mercedes also announced that it will introduce a subscription system. Accordingly, users of some vehicles in the USA will be able to make their vehicles go from 0 to 100 faster for an annual fee. So why have automakers started to turn to such systems? Let’s examine this issue, which does not make customers very happy.

Allowing us to receive services for certain monthly or annual fees subscription systems very popular nowadays. So much so that we see that such systems are starting to take place in many sectors. One of them is the automotive industry. Automobile giant BMW has announced such a service for heated seats in the past months. Honda also came up with a similar move.

These systems, which required us to pay more after paying that much money for cars, caused a lot of controversy. While different opinions on this subject continue to come, now it is one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to automobiles. of Mercedes-Benz announced that it will take such a step.

Mercedes will make cars go from 0 to 100 faster for $1200 a year

The German automaker has announced that it will launch an online subscription system in the US. Accordingly, users By paying 1200 dollars (22,355 TL) per year, it allows their vehicles to take off faster. can provide. If we open a little more, with this service, which will be made available for certain cars, vehicles can range from 0 to 100 kilometers. one second faster can reach.

The subscription system, which is stated to be not available in other countries at the moment, On EQE 350 and EQS 450 models in the USA will be stated. It was also stated that we will see the subscription system in the SUV versions of these models. With the new service, vehicles that can normally reach 0 to 100 kilometers in 6.2 seconds, approximately 5.2 per second will be able to do it. This corresponds to a 20% increase in performance.


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Mercedes-Benz announces the ‘new service’ to come to the USAsoon’ He declined to give an exact date while stating that it would be presented.

Why are auto companies starting to turn to subscription systems?

Recently, we have seen that automobile manufacturers have increased their subscription systems. So why do they take such steps? According to Kristin Kolodge of JD Power, who conducts automobile research, one reason is that companies interact with customers. a ‘brand loyalty’ by trying to create a long-term relationship may want to create.

In addition, it is possible to say that companies have found a way to make more profit with the help of these systems. As less-maintenance electric cars will become more common in the future, people will fewer trips to services we can guess. The fact that this situation reduces earnings may also be affecting companies’ starting to turn to subscriptions for lost revenues.

In addition, Mark Wakefield, who carries out automotive and industrial studies at the consultancy firm AlixPartner, showed that companies may be making such moves for production, in a statement to Business Insider. According to Wakefield, automakers are turning to more uniform specifications. can facilitate production. Car owners can add the features they want later, for a certain fee.


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We can add that all this is due to software updates pioneered by Tesla. Today, vehicles are more connected to the Internet, allowing manufacturers to add new things to vehicles by making remote updates. When this is the case, it becomes inevitable to turn to subscription systems. According to Business Insider, companies such as GM, Ford, Stellantis will be out of monthly subscriptions by 2030. Generate $20 billion in revenue has a goal.

We will see how this system will take place in the future of automobiles in the coming years. However, it would not be wrong to state that consumers will not be very happy to pay extra fees for vehicles for which they have already paid a large amount of money.

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