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Some of the car names such as Fiorino, Ducato and Punto, which entered our lives together with Fiat, many of whose models are produced in Turkey and which is one of the oldest brands in the country’s sector, have meanings we could never guess.

fiatsame vespa It is seen as one of the important icons of Italian style and design in the world. It is one of the best-selling brands in Turkey and one of the earliest to enter the country’s market.

With this brand, many Italian words that we do not know the meaning of have entered our lives: Fiorino, Linea, Doblo, Punto… Have you ever wondered what these words mean?

With the Tofaş production center, Fiat has become so Turkish in our minds that it does not even evoke a foreign name for a moment.

Alright fiatWhat does ‘s brand name mean? Fabbrica Italiana Automobili TorinoAbbreviation for Turin Italian Automotive Factory. There’s nothing very original about this. Let’s move on to cars.

The name of Fiat Fiorino, suitable for both city life and commercial use, comes from an old Italian coin called fiorino d’oro (gold florin).

fiat fiorino fiorino doro

So back then A currency valid in almost all of Europe we are talking about. Between 1252 and 1533 Republic of FlorenceThis coin used in was made of pure gold.

On one side of the original coin, there is a symbol of the city of Florence, the name of which is the French National Anthem. Le Marseillaisalso mentioned in fleur-de-lis, i.e. lily pattern; On the back, there is a statue of John or John, who is considered sacred in both Jewish and Christian beliefs. John (John the Baptist) It was located. An extremely sophisticated name to give a car.

You may have thought that the name of Panda, one of Fiat’s oldest models, probably comes from cute pandas. But you are wrong.

fiat panda empanda juno

Fiat PandaName of, Ancient Roman goddess EmpandaIt comes from. The root of the word Panda is “to open” in Latin.pandereIt comes from the verb “.

It is believed that Empanda is a goddess who embraces everyone who seeks protection and accepts everyone as they are, and it is probably Ancient Greek goddess Junoof ancient RomeIt is thought that it was transferred to under this name.

Let’s lower the expectations while they are high. The meaning of Fiat Tipo is not that interesting.


It is one of the most popular vehicles of the brand, produced between 1988-2000 and even produced and exported to the whole world in Turkey in the 90s. letterpresssimply means “man” in Italian.

After its production stopped in the 2000s, it has been in use for years as of 2015. Fiat Aegean The name of the vehicle we know as was used in the European market as a reference to the old Tipo. letterpress was changed to . So, instead of a tiny car, today’s Tipo has replaced the sedan we used to know as the Egea.

Aegean It’s not hard to guess where the name comes from, Aegean Sea‘Why.

Fiat Punto’s name directly emphasizes the practical function of the vehicle.


Designed as a super mini city vehicle Fiat Punto‘s name is “point” means.

Thus, it can be easily parked anywhere, compactness It is intended to remain in your mind with features such as.

Let’s get back to some cool names: Ducato, like Fiorino, is named after an ancient gold coin.


in 1284 Venicecoming out of Dukatwas valid throughout Europe until the 1800s. currency continued to be. Latin ducalis, Dukats, which comes from the word “duke” 98% gold It contains.

Usually on one side of the period kaiser’sthat is, the Roman emperor, on the other side Christian saints They carried their drawings.

Doblo means double. Is that all?

doblo fiat

We were about to disappoint you by saying that this name indicates that this vehicle has a dual function, suitable for both commercial and daily use, but no. Another reference point of the name is an old one. italian coin the one which… duplone or doublone.

Especially in the 16th century in Swiss cantons What percentage of gold is the coin used in, that is, how many carat Its shape and size may vary. However, we know that it is not as valuable as other coins and that it is also used in much more daily and simple purchases.

Palio, one of the models we are used to seeing in Turkey for a while, symbolizes one of the most deep-rooted cultures of Italy.


Palio is the name of an athletics tournament that has been going on in Italy since the 1230s. Among the streets of many Italian cities in the past horse races, joust duels, archery and crossbow competitions The only tournament that has survived to the present day was held in the city of Siena. Palio di Siena. This is where the name of Fiat’s Siena model comes from.

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