Matrix Resurrections cost Warner dearly!

It was criticized by fans of the series even before its release. The Matrix ResurrectionsIt has not been a very good move commercially. The movie, which could not even pay for itself at the box office with The Matrix fans hitting the ground, is costing the publisher Warner Bros. more in one regard. The day the movie came out on HBO Max Producer studio is very angry because it was published in .

Disney+ lost Spider-Man to the rival platform!

It has been determined on which platform Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released. Disney+ subscribers seem to be upset about Sony’s deal.

Warner Bros. sued over Matrix

One of the most important productions in the history of cinema is The Matrix, which was released in 1999. In the cinema industry with the two films that followed this film, great repercussions has been awakened. It was also a big event that the series, which ended in 2003, returned to the screens with a sequel at the end of 2021. When it was released, it was well below expectations on IMDb. 5.6 points The movie was also unsuccessful at the box office.

Matrix Resurrections

The big problem is that the movie has not been able to amortize its budget at the box office. A movie that broke records at the box office for a while, both publisher and publisher Warner well as the producer Village Road Studios for a crisis. One of the reasons for this crisis was brought to court at Village Road’s request. The fact that the movie was broadcast on HBO Max on the day it was released may have caused the movie to fail at the box office, reducing people’s interest in the movie.

Although HBO Max is not available in our country, many people around the world watched the movie on HBO Max. Thus, they had the chance to watch the movie with their subscriptions without paying an additional fee. This is quite annoying for a company that makes its profits from movie tickets.

The same thing happened at Marvel.

Before the Black Widow movie was released, the movie was delayed for a long time due to the outbreak of the pandemic. When the movie was released, Marvel decided to broadcast the movie on Disney Plus in order to compensate for the shortcoming. However, this decision is the main character of the movie. Scarlett Johansson didn’t like it and both parties sued.

As Matrix Resurrections was released, we shared our ideas with you. You can read our review here. How did you guys find the movie, and do you think Warner Bros. is right?

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