MatePad Paper features and price have been announced!

Huawei chose Turkey for its global product launch launch today. In the event where editors also participated, it introduced its devices such as FreeBuds Pro 2, Mate Xs 2 and Nova Y70 and Y90. However, in addition to these, an E-Ink tablet MatePad Paper, developed for note-taking and writing, was introduced. Here are the MatePad Paper price and features…

MatePad Paper features and price

Developed by Huawei, MatePad Paper is in the flagship class by itself when compared to other E-Book readers on the market in terms of its features. Despite being 225.2mm long and 182.7mm wide and a 10.3-inch screen size, the device weighs 360 grams. Normal tablets of this size are usually above the 500 gram level.

The front of MatePad Paper is almost made up of an e-ink (Electronic ink) screen, while part of the left side and back are made of a leather-like plastic material. Above and below, there are speakers that we can call relatively large. But it is useful to be careful when using it on the beach or in the bathroom. Because it does not have any waterproofing, that is, IP certification.

Huawei Mate Xs 2 introduced: Price and features!

Huawei Mate Xs 2 introduced: Price and features!

Huawei introduced its new devices at its global event in Istanbul today. Here are the Mate Xs 2 features and price…

Just above the device, there is a power button with a fingerprint reader feature, and a button on the top right that will allow you to scroll through the pages while reading a book. At the bottom is the USB Type-C port.

In addition, there is a 22.5W adapter in the box that you can use while charging the device, and a second spare tip for the M Pen that you can replace in case it gets old or damaged. MatePad Paper price has not been announced for Turkey yet. However, it is said that it will have a 500 Euro label in the global market.

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