Major Market Maker DWF Labs Started Accumulating This Altcoin, The Price Started to Rise!

cryptocurrency is one of the important market makers in the market and attracts attention with its investments. DWF Labs, altcoin continues its purchases.

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At this point, the popular cryptocurrency platform lookonchain, He shared that DWF Labs received 100,787 FRONT (worth $44,000) from Binance.

With the latest acquisition, DWF Labs has FRONT Its number increased to 799,979 and its value increased to 351,000 dollars.

“DWF Labs just withdrew 100,787 FRONT ($44,000 worth) from Binance.

He currently holds 799,979 FRONT ($351,000 worth).”

He added that Lookonchain DWF Labs recently acquired FRONT again. Accordingly, the company received 299,092 FRONT (worth $127,000) from Binance.

Experiencing an increase of up to 10% in the last hours FRONT’It was observed that this rise of the market coincided with the approximate purchasing hours of DWF Labs. FRONT is trading at $0.462 at the time of writing.

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