Luxury Apparel Brand Hugo Boss Launches First NFT Collection To Launch Metaverse Experience

Luxury clothing brand Hugo Boss has announced that it has signed with NFT collection Imaginary Ones to launch a 360-degree metaverse experience.

of Hugo Boss Hugo, his arm that focuses on young users, has announced that he will establish the NFT collection with Imaginary Ones and transfer his clothes to a metaverse. As part of the global rebirth of the Hugo brand A 360-degree metaverse experience announced that it will start

Embrance Your Emotions (EYE) The collection, which will bear his name, will be released in early November and 1001 pieces will consist of three-dimensional animation. Collection, positive or negative feeling to embrace all emotions encourages. With this collection, Hugo draws attention to the importance of freedom of feeling and expression. The brand underlines that the importance of these freedoms in terms of mental health should not be underestimated. The income from the collection is also used for this purpose. Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) It was announced by Hugo that he would be donated to the association.

of the project Although it is not yet clear what it actually contains The brand will be sold in limited numbers. “phygital” from t-shirts Snapchat will offer a special augmented reality effect via In addition, NFT owners will have access to Imaginery Ones’ exclusive Hugo store, which creates collections including digital wearables.

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