LPG Raised 19 Kurus Tonight

Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employers’ Union announced that there will be a 19 cents increase in LPG prices with a post on Twitter. The hike will take effect from tonight.

When the rising exchange rate in Turkey and the rising fuel prices around the world come together, we have heard news of a new price hike at least twice a week for the last month or so in our country. Today, a new one has been added to these hikes. Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employers’ Union shared on its Twitter account. LPG will be increased by 19 cents explained.

The 19-cent hike, which will be reflected directly on the pump price, is 23/11/2021, that is It will be valid as of 00:00 tonight. With the new hikes, the average LPG prices in the three metropolitan cities will be as follows:

New average LPG tariff:

  • Istanbul: 7.30 TL -> 7.49 TL
  • Izmir: 7.24 TL -> 7.43 TL
  • Ankara: 7.46 TL -> 7.65 TL

The 4th hike since November 1, the 3rd hike in the last week:

The hike adventure of LPG since November 1st has been as follows:

  • 1 November: 49 cents hike
  • November 15: 25 cents hike
  • November 19: 45 cents hike
  • November 22: 19 cents hike

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