LoL and TFT Source Codes Leaked

Announcing that it was hacked in the past days, Riot Games shared the details of the cyber attack. According to preliminary data, the source codes of LoL, TFT and the anti-cheat system of two games were stolen.

Riot Games, one of the subsidiaries of Tencent, the largest technology company in China, especially known for its games such as League of Legends (LoL), Valorant and Teamfight Tactics (TFT), although it was popular in the Asian market at first, it soon became a hit with the whole world. most played in the world became the owner of competitive and MOBA games.

Of course, the fact that Riot Games is such a big company makes it a major target in the eyes of hackers. Riot Games, which announced that it was hacked in the past days, explained the details of this attack in its statement today.

LoL and TFT’s source codes and Anti-Cheat system codes were stolen

The game giant, which published a statement of 7 tweets from its official Twitter account, clarified all the questions about the attack. Explaining that the source codes of LoL, TFT and an old version of the anti-cheat system used in these two games were stolen in the analysis, the company said that they received a ransom e-mail from hackers and announced that they refused to pay.

Stating that cheats may increase in their games in the future, company employees stated that they are working hard to prevent cheats, and that the codes of some game modes in the prototype stage were stolen. In addition, from the moment of the announcement LoL servers are closed to access all over the world, including our country.

Riot Games’ statement about the event

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