LinkedIn finally brings dark mode support

LinkedIn, the social media platform of the business world, at least a few minutes a platform to spend We saw that the platform was in a hurry to bring some new features with the transition to the Microsoft front. Some of these were found useful, while others were soon removed. The dark mode that we want LinkedIn to bring will finally be distributed globally.

Good news for those who do not like to listen to audio recordings from WhatsApp!

Listening to audio recordings in WhatsApp can be tiring for some of you. Fortunately, a feature developed solves this.

LinkedIn finally brings dark mode support

If you are using a current Android or iOS version, dark mode on LinkedIn with the support provided by the operating system you may have tried. However, since this support does not come from the application itself, those who still cannot experience the feature millions of users there is. Number of users In the 770 million band The platform is now preparing to offer dark mode support to each of its users.

linkedin dark mode

For dark mode support late LinkedIn is not the only platform, even giants like Facebook have just brought this support in mobile application. We can spend hours in social media applications, and during these hours the white light is tiring for our eyes. With dark mode save some battery can be provided, both eyes less tired.

LinkedIn focuses on new features

LinkedIn has also recently introduced innovations such as dark mode. on something it’s working. We’ve seen privacy-focused features arrive before, and even the stories feature has been tested for a while. The platform has been very serious lately security scandals It also wants to close these gaps with new features.