Life-saving technology: What is a seismic isolator?

Turkey was once again faced with the fact that it is an earthquake country and located on the fault line. Buildings with low durability are shown at the top of the biggest dangers during an earthquake. So, how can we increase the earthquake resistance of buildings? Here is the seismic isolator technology!

Seismic isolator system reduces shaking by up to 80 percent

Turkey was shaken by two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6, the epicenters of which were in Kahramanmaraş. As a result of this disaster that stunned the whole country, the reality of an earthquake was once again encountered. The greatest danger in the event of an earthquake is in buildings with low durability. However seismic isolator Thanks to the technology, it is possible to increase the earthquake resistance of structures.

Seismic isolator differently seismic isolation It also appears in the name. This system is a tool used to minimize the damage potential of an earthquake. Wind, earthquake, etc. This system, which reduces the loads, earthquake forces It helps to minimize it.

Earthquake support from world-famous football players to Turkey!

Earthquake support from world-famous football players to Turkey!

Continuing his football career in Italy’s Atalanta team, Merih Demiral announced that world-famous football players donated their jerseys for the earthquake.

Seismic isolation system, structures without their own weight up to 1/10 can carry loads. If there is a load greater than this, permanent deformations occur in the structure and breakage occurs at the column-beam junctions. However, structures with seismic isolation can exceed this value. This is because of the seismic isolators. horizontal load is reducing.

This system allows the structure above it to oscillate as small as a pendulum during an earthquake. Seismic isolators placed under reinforced concrete curtains and load-bearing columns reduce the effect of the earthquake by sliding to the right and left in the event of an earthquake. However, the shaking that will be felt by the upper floors up to 80 percent is reducing.

In addition to all these, thanks to the rubber layers it has chemicals, rust, moisture And harmful ultraviolet rays It also has resilience. In this way, it prevents material deterioration and An endurance of close to 60 years is showing.

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