License amnesty has arrived: Penalty points are being deleted!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements after the cabinet meeting held today. First, he shared the election date. Later, he said that driver’s license amnesty came and debts such as taxes, penalties and interest will be deleted for those who fall under a certain limit. Here are the details…

Driver’s license amnesty has arrived: 10 thousand driver’s licenses will be returned!

The statements made by Erdogan after the cabinet meeting were detailed on social media in the following hours. Here, there were also posts on the deletion of driver’s license penalty points and the deletion of debts such as tax, penalty and interest, especially driver’s amnesty.

Explanation for the cancellation of debts such as taxes, penalties and interest:

“We have already made an arrangement that will liquidate enforcement debts that do not exceed 2 thousand liras and end their proceedings. Now, we are implementing the same practice for our citizens who owe our tax offices no more than 2 thousand liras in all topics such as taxes, penalties and interest.”

President announced: Election date has been announced!

President announced: Election date has been announced!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a date for the 2023 Turkish General Elections at the parliamentary group meeting he attended today.

Explanation regarding the deletion of driver’s license amnesty and penalty points concerning approximately 2.5 million citizens:

“We are deleting the penalty points of approximately 2.5 million of our drivers due to alcohol, drugs, fatal and injury accidents, drifting and violations other than candidate driving. For this reason, we provide the return of nearly 10 thousand licenses that were taken back.”

Explanation on tax and premium obligations:

“We abolish the penalties for the debts of our citizens and companies to our public institutions and organizations, especially tax and premium obligations. I wish good luck to all beneficiaries of our configuration offer, which is a comprehensive application.

Statement regarding the delay of the election date:

“We felt the need to update June 18, the normal date of Presidential and parliamentary elections, as it coincides with the eve of Eid al-Adha and the pilgrimage period, the exam calendar of our children preparing for university, and the holidays of our primary and secondary schools.

As a political institution, we are responsible for meeting the demands of the nation, as well as ensuring the manifestation of the national will with the highest participation and in the most ideal conditions. As a result of the evaluations we made with this understanding, we think that 14 May 2023 is the most appropriate date for the election.

We would be pleased if our Parliament makes this date update with a three-fifths majority in accordance with our constitution. If the required majority in the parliament is not achieved, we, as the President, will take our decision and start the process with a calendar that will ensure that the elections can be held on 14 May.

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