LC Waikiki Brings Adile Naşit Back with Artificial Intelligence

LC Waikiki, one of the biggest brands in Turkey, announced that it will launch a new project to explain the importance of sustainability. The giant company announced that it will publish a fairy tale for children, which will be voiced by the legendary actress Adile Naşit.

A very popular clothing brand in Turkey. LC Waikikihas recently decided to sell its iconic monkey as NFT. It was announced that the revenues from the collection inspired by this monkey, which has an important place in the lives of many children, will be donated to the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey.

The giant company, which provides service with hundreds of stores in 47 countries, has now come to the fore with a different work. Cargo packages in the past months; The company, which realized the project of turning it into a toy for the purpose of ensuring sustainability and increasing the creativity of children, is now sustainability He announced that he would make another move.

The fairy tale about the importance of sustainability will be performed by Adile Naşit

LC Waikiki CEO, who shared a post on his LinkedIn account Omer Barbaros Yishannounced that they will produce a fairy tale about the importance of sustainability for children. Talking about who will sing this tale that will tell the adventures of Ela and her imaginary friend Wi, Yiş said that this person is a legendary actress. Adile Naşit He said he would.

Adile Naşit was the first person that came to our mind when we thought about who would voice this tale we wrote with experts. We grew up listening to tales from him as his lambs” He stated that the legendary actor, who died in 1987, would sing the tales. Explaining how this will happen, the CEO said, artificial intelligence voice cloning He said that technology gives them this opportunity.


LC Waikiki’s Iconic ‘Monkey’ Up for Sale as NFT (All Proceeds Go to Education Volunteers Foundation)

Thanking Adile Naşit’s family for their support, Yiş also stated that the first 24 seconds of the tale ‘Nature love tale’ were shared on YouTube. In addition to this, the whole tale is included in the post-holiday shipping boxes. QR codes It was also among the explanations that he could reach with . You can watch the shared 24-second video below.

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