LAST MINUTE: Problems Accessing Instagram!

A large number of users are currently unable to access Instagram. There are some problems with the main stream and messaging applications of the users who can access it.

The popular social media application Instagram has recently come to the fore with some access problems. A similar issue was reported again today.

In the notifications from the users, it was stated that the application could not be entered, there were no posts on the home page and many more problems were encountered.

Posts not appearing in main stream

However, some of the reports Instagram’s homepage is blank like it normally never was is stated. A large number of users are currently having problems accessing the popular social media app. There are a lot of problem reports coming from users to Instagram.

Although the reason for the issue is not known, we will inform you as the developments regarding the issue come. In the chart above report increases related to the problems experienced during the day you can see.


While Instagram’s ‘access’ issues have been largely fixed There are still problems in some areas. However, there is no official statement about the source of the problem yet. Most of the problems that are reported to continue continue to come about ‘old posts on the homepage or no posts at all’.

We should also point out that; this problem is not only in Turkey and surrounding regions at the moment. has had an impact all over the world. looks like. After these problems, we can say that Instagram has slowly recovered and the problems will be eliminated very soon.

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