Lamborghini recalls Huracan models

automobile companiestheir vehicles, driver safety threatening one who can fault or error can be recalled in case of occurrence. lately Tesla, Ford and Mercedes Due to large and small problems, manufacturers such as restore thousands of models called. A new one has been added to these. Lamborghini, Huracan detected a critical problem in their model.

Critical error in Lamborghini Huracan models

luxury car one of the first companies that comes to mind Lamborghinidue to a critical error in the manufacturing process Huracan models called back. italian company, production occurring in the process of error because of 2 May with May 9, 2022 off the band between all Huracan Evo and STO invited its models to its services to solve the related problem.

The company’s he called back all cars USA‘also. Moreover specified dates between 21 piece Lamborghini Huracan produced is underlined. According to a statement from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), error in automobiles, left door from outside prevent it from opening has potential. This too emergency like an accident In such cases, it may cause the driver to become stuck in the vehicle.

Mercedes users beware: One million old vehicles are being recalled!

Mercedes users beware: One million old vehicles are being recalled!

German automaker Mercedes-Benz said that one million vehicles were recalled due to a problem with the brake system. Here are the details!

Huracan in models blocking the opening of the left door This problem is caused by the incorrect positioning of the safety clip of the cable that opens the door. Lamborghiniyet one problem though not of the cable He suspects it may loosen over time, preventing the door from opening.

This error being detected The shape is also very interesting. Because a company employee end-of-line quality During his checks, he sees a doorknob where the safety clip on the cable, called Bowden, is not properly attached. The company, which started a detailed investigation without wasting time, 2 May with May 9 produced on the HuracanHe found that the ‘s got off the tape in this way.

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