Lamborghini-Backed Racing Team Adopts NFT Authentication for Vehicle Parts

In a statement on Tuesday, the Vincenzo Sospiri Racing GT team announced that it will begin using NFTs to certify and verify fabricated auto parts.

Lamborghini Squadra Corse GT racing team Vincenzo Sospiri Racingfactory auto parts to approve and verify for Non-fungible token (NFT) announced that it will start using.

The company said in a statement that the system could also be extended to authenticate commercial products and other official products. The GT team launched the blockchain ecosystem last March. Skey Network‘skin Received an investment of 5 million dollars.

Go2NFTcommunication representative of Boris Ejsymont made the following statements on the subject:

We know that professionalism, accountability, and quality control are key challenges for super brands looking to protect their IP, and we believe the NFT utility can help create greater trust and transparency for brands and their fans.

In addition, Lamborghini at the beginning of 2022, Swiss artist Fabian Oefner by collaborating withspacetime memoryLaunched the first NFT collection named ”.

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