KyberSwap Calls on Attackers Who Stole $265K: Bring Back the Money, Let’s Give Up 15% Reward

KyberSwap, a multi-chain Dex aggregator, was hacked earlier in the day. KyberSwap reports that if the attacker returns the funds, they will pay up to 15% of the stolen assets.

KyberSwap On September 1, he made a statement on his official website, attack detected and ineffective stated that they did. The company suffered a total of 2 that the wallet was affected and that the total amount stolen 265 thousand He said it was a dollar.

Stock market in total 2 hours After the ongoing attack is stopped, the transactions are repeated. trustworthy and that the damages of the accounts affected by the attack compensation announced that it will. In addition, the attack is based on a vulnerability in smart contracts. not originating therefore can’t repeat they also reported.

In his statement, he also addressed the attacker. KyberSwapdelivered the following message to the attacker;

Hello attacker. We know where you keep the money you receive from central exchanges and we can follow you from there. We also know that the addresses you own have OpenSea profiles and we can also follow you on NFT communities or directly on OpenSea. While the doors of the stock market are closing on you, you will not be able to withdraw the stolen money without revealing yourself. If you return the money, we offer you 15% of the stolen amount ($39,750) as a reward for helping us identify a vulnerability on our site. If you accept, you can return the stolen funds to the address below.

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